In this competitive and some what confusing music market, things can become very challenging at times. Navigating your way around an environment without the right guidance is both frustrating and time consuming. This is why we created AlwaysDaily, an online service marketplace to help those looking to get ahead. By allowing our users to both buy & sell services, we give them the opportunity to profit from the talents they have, while connecting them with those that have the skills that they need. So, not only can an Artist sell their Features & Hooks services, they can also find a producer to fulfill a custom beat request. AlwaysDaily is your go to find everything that you need. To further assist, we have compiled a few selling tips that will make you successful.

Selling Tips

Never underestimate you value: Although it is important to stay competitive with your pricing, do not sell yourself short. You have put in the work necessary to develop your skills and deserve the right compensation for your time. We set our minimum pricing at $20 because we believe in the hard work our users put in and want them to be paid fairly.

First impression is key: With so many others striving to get ahead its is important to stand out. When posting a service, we encourage the use of featured images. A featured image that accurately matches your post will greatly increase your traffic. You may also embed Youtube videos & Soundcloud Players into your postings. Please ensure that your job descriptions clearly indicate what your services entails.

Customer service is everything: Building relationships with others is an important factor in your success. Customers want to shop with those that they know are both trustworthy and capable of handling the task. From the moment and order is place we provide the tools you need to communicate with your client in order to deliver a quality product as promised. Once completed, customers can submit a review which will help you stand out amongst others. Because customer reviews increase your success, we encourage the use of our Plus & Premium posting packages. These plans give your listings a longer duration on our site giving your jobs the ability to be rated higher.


File Transfers: To ensure the best user experience AlwaysDaily only allows the transfer of certain file formats. At this time users can not transfer Audio files (.mp3 .wav) etc. or Video files directly through our site. For this purpose we suggest using .zip files or links for services such as DropBox or Google Drive. However all other file formats are permitted.

Withdrawals: Once a job is completed a user may submit a withdrawal request to receive the funds from their available balance (withdrawals are not done automatically). User must have a valid account capable of receiving transfers or Bank account in order to withdraw funds. Users may only withdraw dollar amounts from their available balance. (Ex. If your available balance is $17.35, $17 will be transferred to your account leaving the remaining .35 as a site credit to be used for jobs posting and other purchases. )